Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Solar Eclipse over Tirupati 09 Mar 2016 (simulated)

Solar Eclipse (09 Mar 2016) is hardly visible over Tirupati.

Here is an animated version (Figure (a)) of the simulation I have prepared using the free open source "Stellarium" software.

The Sun rises over Tirupati by 06:23 IST.
Meanwhile eclipse has already begun and being in penumbra region, it's partial eclipse over here.

For reference, the figure (b) of eclipse locations are shown in the figure below (scroll down) which also shows time in Tirupati during the events. 
(courtesy: timeanddate.com )

Figure (a): Animation of the solar eclipse (simulated) over Tirupati.
'E' indicates East

Figure (b): How eclipse happens world wide (courtesy: timeanddate.com)


  1. good.. let us encourage and promote open source softwares :)