Monday, December 12, 2011

Lunar Eclipse (Real fotos & Simulation)

My colleague Mr.Sobhan Kumar Kompalli, Scientist in Space Physics Laboratory has clicked more than 100 snaps of the beautiful 'Lunar Eclipse' that entertained earthlings on 10-Dec-2011.
Here is a matrix of few selected snaps by the  amateur  photographer.

Also have a view of the Simulated Lunar Eclipse (animation)  which I generated using the open source software 'Stellarium'.

You are welcome to watch  the drama unfold......!
Photograph by Mr.Sobhan Kumar Kompalli (


  1. wonderful work as usual....:):):)Anish is grt...

  2. Good work. You must try to get school children involved in such projects. They all watch the idiot box but never look at the sky. I know retired scientists of ISRO who never saw the milky way!!!!!!!

  3. nice work dear,, can imagine the curiosity out there... keep going ....
    @ manoranjan Rao.... rightly told sir..

  4. Good work. I agree with Dr. Manoranjan Rao.

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  6. Hey Anish !get ready for another spectacular event coming in our way..Saturn is coming closer to Earth on 28th of Dec-2011.Probably U can catch hold of the event as sobhan would be busy on the same day for his...u know it....So plan it :):)

  7. Thank you all...
    @Rao sir: I agree to you cent percent.
    Infact, I had a couple of experiences motivating school children ... (Happiness, excitement and mental satisfaction gained from them is beyond words to express ...)
    Igniting young minds with beauty of Science is a requirement of the present world.