Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How GRAVITY influence FIRE ....?

Color image of a burning dropletWe have seen fire in earth where gravity is dominant.

Can you guess how the same fire out of same fuel would behave in zero gravity
or say in space....?

Read this interesting article to know more...

In space, where there is no up or down, flames behave in unconventional ways.

When a flame burns on Earth, heated gases rise from the fire creating a buoyant flow that draws oxygen into the flame and combustion products away from it. In space, warm gases do not rise, and molecular diffusion drives flame behavior.

"In space molecular diffusion draws oxygen to the flame and combustion products away from the flame at a rate 100x slower than the buoyant flow on Earth," Dan Dietrich, project scientist, NASA's Glenn Research Center, said.

Flames in space burn with a lower temperature, at a lower rate, and with less oxygen than in normal gravity. This means that materials used to extinguish the fire must be present in higher concentrations. 

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